Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Lewis County Fair Parade 2014

Poor Alex has been fight an virus that  Zoe and him got at the same time but Zoe had gotten better but poor Alex got worse and he lost his voice and was feeling like crap so he didn't make it to parade. But even tough I am 9 months pregnant I took Zoe. I met up with some of our church family and close friends! We had so much fun. I wish I got a picture of the whole group but I didn't think about it. There were a bunch of kids in our group.  And they were so sweet to Zoe. The people in the parade kept throwing tootsie rolls or chocolate so Zoe couldn't have any of that. So Aunt Sarah told all the kid the first sucker that gets thrown to them it's Zoe's. Zoe was thrilled with the first sucker. But then there was more suckers being thrown and Zoe's friends Madison, Jaime, Marissa, and Madalyn kept asking me if Zoe could have that  piece of candy that they got. It was sweet of them to help Zoe! Zoe also got her favorite color orange glow necklace that one of the kids gave her. So Zoe got spoiled by the big kids and it made her night!

 Zoe and Aunt Sarah! Zoe wasn't happy that I told her to look at me for one second so I can get a picture. She wanted to look at the parade.

Zoe having fun with Aunt Sarah and Uncle Doug! I love this picture of all of them! 

Zoe was done with Aunt Sarah. She wanted to see he Uncle Doug 

 Then she went down to watch the parade with the big kids

Finally a sucker!!

Zoe having so much fun! And silly Mr. Fitzgerald!

I laughed so hard. Zoe told me "look mama, toilet paper!" 

After the parade Zoe I went and got fried dough with Uncle Doug, Aunt Sarah, and the girls. Doug knew the owner so he asked the owner if  there was any egg or milk in the fried dough to see if Zoe could have some and there wasn't! So Zoe got to enjoy some fair fried dough and she loved it!

After the fried dough me and Zoe headed home. A huge thanks to Sarah and Doug for helping me with Zoe and walking me and Zoe to the car to make sure I made it safe. We had a great time!

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